di Patrizio Marozzi


poetries and thoughts of an  Apicultore  Incolto.

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look at melt l' horizon.

like if all pits date – tell more like thought that look at dagli beings human.

for i uncultivated be enough tell the men.

they often, in the complete times, from i osservati, son firm and you move without understand, almost not understanding if do of the badly, almost that if you sentono hate, have from think of not be you, to hate – _ with this feeling with how much facilita' bes enough tell you of do something – almost that they not abbiano more conscience – have more sciocchi like to those that know dell' hate and any am, the same, enslaved – _ with the more banal superficialita' carry out to badly on people true ; to people to which not vien dictate never of be of be schiocche and irresponsible, but the you calumny like  Tali, for the jeer and the repression of the liberty of tell the true – _ hate the sciocchi with the you haughtiness like of the unknown that not know, who son that that hate, and immaginano the because for that that the you comes dictate – like calumny or no, not even son conscious of the do – like true like true in the you haughtiness, tell of be known, from who they same not know, who really θ and because – want arrive first to each way, doing of the badly and finding justification to he.

the  Api can also not cause honey.



chapter  2.



looks at where can l'Apicultore uncultivated.

observes the void that shout, as walks between the outposts of the consume.

like if those void, that like people pretenses stay he lirased' – have something of personal moles compare dell' apiarist uncultivated.

almost that the your opinion any ferisca the subjection and the schiavitu' –  Come if the percentages have more value of the verita' –  Come if without thought they duty oppose only for affiliation to schiavitu'.

l'Apicultore between l' hate of the unknown that the circondano – an hate that bears dall' hate – and not dall'love dell'Apicultore uncultivated – _ want love those beings if only not are cosμ ammaestrati and hostile, to your frees expression.

to verita' that not know more accept for subjection, and also that (ch') θ free and spontaneous, like l' love dell'apiarist, that you looks at … pits not true – the refuse for orders and information of group or of guilds – like if have listen to l'apiarist with the ears of the systematizes to which belong – and θ cosμ that spontaneously eseguono the orders superior – like if l'Apicultore duty for they accettarli, rinfrancarli of the you goodness' – _ but they am money and need, and because no!

avidita' that the overcome.

for this, only for this, hate the liberty dell'Apicultore uncultivated.

like can l'Apicultore do pretense dell' hate of who not even knows – like can' do understand l' love to who not even “speaks ” _.


chapter  3.



the smantrappona, you comes always to find l'  Apicultore  Incolto –  Un po' sformata and round, with the paturnia as hairy – that as piss seems bathe all l' uniform – also (s' θ) naked.

the smantrappona tells all'Apicultore of from where the your honey – the more good that c' θ to husk – _ but l'Apicultore  Incolto tells that the honey c' θ and that the bees the do sublimemente, also if not pits he to help –  La smantrappona knows that not θ true, that the verita' exists also without l'Apicultore, but she wants that the honey seem the your.

l'  Apicultore tells to smantrappona that the passera wide θ the thing more bella that c' θ  Che do all'love with lei θ feel to of there' of each power, come without wait and kiss, still, all wet.

the smantrappona tells all'Apicultore?

“ but that speak of women?”

l'Apicultore tell of yes'!, but you notices that the smantrappona thinks to power and then keeps silent and sees that the smantrappona not knows nothing of the goodness' of the honey – like of the verita' – _ the smantrappona sings like an'ossessa: the hymns and the  Slogan and the phrases of  Io megalomaniacs as collective – _ the smantrappona l'love dell'Apicultore not the knows and not understands not even the relish of the taste of the honey – _ that assurdita' the want for if.


chapter  4.



leonida looked at esterrefatta l'Apicultore  Incolto, that ate the honey, almost has while the did one strange lucies about – l'Apicultore he offered' the honey to  Leonida, that the tasted' and the seemed good.

l'Apicultore looked at the time atmospheric of the days that spent – and before that  Leonida with the your frees opinion speak for complain, with whoever, and for all the day with l'Apicultore like pits whoever – for complain of the time almost for vantarsi of if same,.

(l'Apicultore offers to  Leonida an  Barattolo of  Miele –  Ma  Leonida in that moment not knows thing do, because still not you θ lamentata of the time with l'  Apicultore like pits whoever.)

then l'Apicultore he looked at'  Leonida, l' he listened to' do the your complaint, everywhere, and then the he told : “Leonida like baldracca be worth lead of the pubblicita' – but like pubblicita' are quite one gran baldracca.

and  Leonida scomparve – l'Apicultore observed' and thought'  Una qualunquista that you θ tuneless the jar of the  Miele.


chapter  5.



look at the words like are certainties – _ then the people am tutt' other – after that have live the words – almost not know – like appear – that that told – _ seems that tell, that often you become cosμ sincere that mentono, but with sincerita' – _ and the words am cosμ blear that not you listen to more the people – _ and  Mentre eat the  Miele of the  Api, not know if am sun the words or the people – of certainly c' θ one loneliness that not consoles – that not feeds, that not thinks –  Credo that the husk of the images be without thought – _


chapter  6.



in the uneasiness of one life precarious, as the society', not are never naked  Sonia – _ are ready to steal all the delusions (dell'have though of get an tornaconto – _ almost that the give more free, be an tornaconto for blackmail (l' be – _ are ready to howl death death death – _ because want from life only that that want from where – and not that that can be – _ death  Morte  Morte, punishment of  Morte – cries with that coglione of the your man or husband, that howls war war, punishment of  Morte – because cosμ that stronzo of your give birth possa be free of howl  Morte  Morte  Morte, punishment of  Morte –  Per defend this merda are ready all to kill in war –  Io no _ you and all l' have of the husk,  Ricchi or poor for defend this merda –  Preferisco the life – want togliermela for this.

because know that i not want kill and you do of all because odii and competa with te –  Quale systematizes organize, that organizes the your punishment of  Morte, the your straight and the your offense – the your uneasiness and the your crimes, the your “ desire ” – _ who for ability not you belongs, for ability not wants “that you the” appartenga –  Non c' θ no order to which obey – leaves in peace i and the my liberty – leaves that i possa love, without hate : blasphemous.


chapter  7.



exists dell'other that you tells accada between the people.

and not are only you that the do happen – even now that you see which are always stay and float like an stronzo – carry from current here and there' – like you θ always succeed for osannarti in the your qualita' trasformista, in the your opinion from qualunquista, that finds always an people to which ago “pretense” of tell  E an sea of vogliosi – that not am one person – to finish in all the your consequences – rinneghi cosμ well the your well for tuffarti in the convenience of the badly that appear too often in all the time, cosμ, cosμ short lived in the goodness' and in the verita', that for raise all the bocche open and the corrupt, you maids the he goat propitiatory and the silence, (nell'absurd noise of the people, that transforms the thought in the superstition of the conscience – _ seems, tell seems, improbable in this moment like be easy see the verita', yet do pretense that not esista, as from continue to mistake, seems the thing more natural from accept, for te and all the noise –  Ma tell not we wants an represent ; to understand thing θ better, bes enough already' the logic verita' of the live – but already' stronzo afloat, have change direction and you remove, better and continue to do pretense of not see – l'utility' of this parvenza you has accademizzato to such end also the merda – that like stronzo now flows by.

in direction of the parvenza –  But of worse, much worse that it happens, θ the war, that zittisce the silence and tells to noise, like kill or die, to the stronzo like continue to float : that delusion.


chapter  8.



were expanse on the bed or on the couch, believe on the couch bed like one flag, that claimed all and l'useless sacrifice, mi showed all of te also in one rhetoric of silence – you that avid asked all, also as little had date, even though the honey of the  Api, wanted only for te, like if pits divine the your want – like steal the talent for dirti and with te all infatuati of the rhetoric – of be more good – _ but as talent has do to lead of te though of stay such, true –  E now m' envy with all the servants the  Miele “ that nobody can' give ”, if not l' love that froms where' – _ and then now naked on the couch you smear all of  Miele, quite all, and not of kiss, only the vanita' you θ stayed, for appear and show _.


chapter  9.



today have past one day different from all those that have power dirti like if the time not has other from tell or from do but dirmi ; not am never stay in nobody of the places precedents like if consequent of the life not know to of belong and now mi stop here and continue in the life to be the person that want, with (l') love of the my bees and of the life  Libera.


chapter  10.



now leave that the  Api that freely, son stay here fly by to find, an you place –  Appendo the my suit from  Apicultore and leave that l'Incolto not you sappia more who be – _ now wait freely serene, sat, looking at l' horizon _.




January 2007




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